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Kingsley Thoroughbred Horse Racing Pvt. Ltd.

Kingsley Thoroughbred Racing

How it works

Kingsley Thoroughbred Racing offers shares in a range of racing syndicates in India. The number of shares available per syndicate normally varies between twenty and forty. The number of horses, which are trained by the country’s top trainers, will vary in each syndicate.

Each shareowner enters into an agreement with the company to share in the prize money and the proceeds from the sale of the horses once the syndicate is wound up.

KTR keeps in very close contact with the trainers, regularly visiting the yards in order to carefully monitor the progress of the horses. In combination with the trainers, each horse is managed in order to maximize its potential and future value.

Once all the horses in any one syndicate are sold, it is wound up and the accounts are reviewed by the auditors. Any surplus of income over expenditure is distributed to the shareowners. In the likelyhood of the horse entering cup or graded races, the monetary impact will be discussed in the group and an additional contribution from each shareholder will be required to proceed further.

Each shareowner acknowledges that participation in the syndicates is for the purpose of sharing in the enjoyment of the horses and NOT AS AN INVESTMENT.




The duration of each syndicate differs but generally lasts for a period of 21 months. The horses may be sold at any time throughout the duration of the syndicate and any attractive offer is always carefully considered.

We hire professionals to manage every aspect of horse racing at the highest standards. KTR appoints a racing manager/authorised agent who co-ordinates with the professionals directly, he is the single point of contact for the shareholders of the syndicate. His decision is final and binding. Shareholders of the syndicate are not involved in the decision making in racing and are expected to have faith in our well trained staff.

Visits to the Stud Farm and Racing stables will be arranged upon prior intimation from the shareholders. The shareholders will be regularly updated and informed about the progress of their horse and race days. Groups of 20 shareholders would be issued a temporary owners pass for the races when their horse is running. The passes could be collected from the trainer of the horse, the morning of the race day. The shareholders would get to enjoy the privileges of an owner for the day, use the members enclosure and enter the paddock along with their horse, trainer and jockey and be briefed about the race strategy for the particular race in question.












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